Hexdalle® HE tile

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Discover our new product ! The Hexdalle® HE tiles with an EPDM topping.

Perfect for nurseries, courtyards,…

Thickness HIC**
25mm Comfort ground
35 mm 1,05 m
45 mm 1,25 m
55 mm 1,60 m
 65 mm  1,93 m

Standards : all our tiles have been tested in certified laboratories and comply with the NF EN 1177 standard, mandatory in Europe for public children playgrounds / EN ISO 5470-1 (Abrasion resistance) / NF EN 71-3 (Heavy metals tests) / ISO 16000 (Volatile organic compounds emitted)

Standards : NF 1177 / EN ISO 5470-1 / NF EN 71-3 / ISO 16 000

**HIC Head Injury Criterium
The HIC of the tiles you choose must always be greater or equal to the game’s free fall height (indicated on the game’s technical data sheet).

Hexdalle® tiles laying options:
1. The best one is when you glue the tiles to the ground with our PU93 gel glue or our PU74148 mastic glue.
2. Glued on the edges with our PU59 liquid glue
3. The tiles are connected together with our plastic pins (4 connectors per tile or 8 connectors per tile)
If the tiles do not end at the same level as the ground, then you will need to use our beveled edges (with PU93 or PU74148 glue) or our P1/P2 reversible edges sealed in a concrete foundation to belt the tile surface.


500 x 500mm


25 – 35 – 45 – 55 – 65 mm

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