Hexdalle® PE150 balance beam

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The HEXDALLE® PE150 balance beams allow children to test their balance.

They have been designed by our design office so that they can be curved and used to create winding courses that inspire children to invent games.

The composition in rubber and low height mean children can play safely. The beams have further been designed to have smooth, rounded lines.

The HEXDALLE® PE150 beams should only be used outdoors.

Comply with standard NF EN 1176 : mandatory in Europe for public playgrounds.


Characteristics :

Kit : 3 balance beams and 2 cartridges of PU39 polyurethane glue mastic.

Composition : Made of recycled black rubber aggregate which has been sorted and graded, bound by volume-dyed polyurethane elastomer resin.

Laying instructions : double glue spreading on shock absorbing floor with the PU39 glue.

Colours : Red – Green – Black – Grey – Chocolate

Dimensions : Width 95mm x Height 100mm x Length 1.5m




1500m x 95mm




Double gluing on floor with damping mastic adhesive cartridge in PU39

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