Hexdalle® Mushroom

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Hexdalle® Mushroom is a recreational element entirely made of rubber that can be used in various ways:

  • As a seat
  • A balance game
  • To play leapfrog or count the existing dots.

Very decorative, it will delight playgrounds and public gardens.Hexdalle® Mushroom exists in 4 colours (red, green, black and grey with beige flecked with red EPDM dots) and 3 different heights (27 cm, 42 cm and 57 cm). Its head’s diameter is 43 cm.

Hexdalle® Mushroom complies with the NF EN 1176-1 (Oct 2008) standard.It is also available in 3-unit kits.

  • HEXDALLE® MUSHROOM is designed with smooth lines and rounded angles.
  • Weather proof
  • Each mushroom is delivered ready to use. Indeed, both cap and stem have been glued at the factory.


Characteristics :

Height : 27 cm – 42 cm – 57 cm

Weight : 12.20kg, 15.50kg, 18.20kg

Diameter : 43cm

Colours : Rouge – Vert – Noir – Gris – Chocolat. Avec points en EPDM beige moucheté de rouge

Standards : NF EN 1176-1



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