Hexdalle® edging

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The HEXDALLE® edging pieces can be used to replace concrete kerbstones where it is preferable not to have any hard points to avoid injury.

Designs : 

  • N edgings can follow curves as they are flexible.
  • R edgings are stiff and make installations in straight lines easier as they have a rigid framework inside.

Finishing edging pieces to surround play areas, long jump facilities, running tracks, Beach Volley courts, race tracks, trees, sandpits, etc.

N and R edging are designed to hold back materials.


Characteristics :

Thickness : 60mm

Height : 200mm – Length: 1,000mm

Tolerance : +/- 0.5 % at 20°C

Colours : Red – Green – Black – Grey – Chocolate – Black flecked with colour





1000 mm x 200 mm


60 mm


Setting in concrete and glue on the edge with the glue liquid PU59 (B)

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