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HEXBALL® NINJA COURSE is a ball made of synthetic elastomers, compressed under various tons. Other processed chemical and mechanical elements give it its solidity and elasticity.

HEXBALL® NINJA COURSE is a rubber stability ball specially designed to practice ninja course. The balls are placed at regular distance and held between one and other thanks to chains fixed to the rings.

HEXBALL® NINJA COURSE is designed to meet its users’ expectations:
– Shock-absorbing, thanks to the use of massive rubber.
– Resistant, with its central mechanical conception.
– Non-slip thanks to the size of the elastomer aggregate, no risk of slipping
– Less injury, in case the user falls

The user must try to pass these obstacles as quick as possible.

Black. (Other colours: please consult us)

Diameter: 43 cm
M20 type galvanized white steel rings (ext. diam. 72 mm / int. diam 40 mm)
Weight: 41 kg






430 mm

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